Monday, May 10, 2010

All Aboard

The beginning of May heralds all sorts of things from warm weather to flowers to the prom (which I'm not going to because it's only for seniors, so I have three more years to worry about that). But in Suskeegach, May also means the arrival of the first cruise ship of the season.

Which also means shops closed for the winter are opening, the yellow-vested crossing guards are directing pedestrian traffic, and all kinds of tourists are wandering about.

And as for me, I like having these one-day guests around. I like sharing my home, my Suskeegach with them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Break-up Time

No, I'm not talking about a boy-girl break-up here. I'm talking ice.

In late April or early May the temperature starts to rise a bit, and the ice starts breaking up in the big rivers like the Yukon, the Kuskokwim and the Tanana. Since 1917, the town of Nenana has fun with this by sponsoring the Nenana Ice Classic, a contest to see who can name the exact time when the ice goes out on the Tanana River. A line is attached from a tripod on the ice to a clock on shore. When the line moves, the clock stops and the time is recorded. The lucky winner or winners wins a huge jackpot.

Here's this year's photo of the Nenana Ice Classic.